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5.9. How to Use Search For a Lead


How to Use Search For a Lead

Search for a Lead: This feature will allow you to search for leads with specific search parameters. You can also do a phone number wildcard search using the '%' symbol. For example, '888%' will search for leads with the 888 toll-free area code. '%888%' will search for numbers that contain the string; for example 6168881234 or 6161238884.


Step 1. Login to the URL http://admin.safesoftsolutions.com using your Admin credentials.

Step 2. Click on the tab Leads and then, Search for a Leads.

Step 3. It will show you Search Parameters window.

Step 4. 
You can narrow down your search using the following fields parameters.


System Fields

-          It will look for the information based on the data present in the system. You can search by clicking the drop down arrow for the available fields or manually typing it (Lead ID or Phone number).


Form Fields

-          It will search the data present in your form fields. Just type in the word and select the appropriate field from the drop down menu.



-          If you want to search for the data based on Called Count you can use the Advanced Search. Just click the drop dwon arrow; select the parameters (=, > or <) and then, enter the number for the called count.

You can also filter more your search by combining the different search parameters.


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