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7.3. Agent Control Button description

Basic Functions of Agent Control Button


To go to Ready Status and start taking calls, click on the START DIALER button.



You will notice that the button changed to STOP DIALER. On this stage, the system is now dialing leads. To stop taking calls and go to Pause status, click on the red button STOP DIALER.



Once the agent received a call, the button will turn to blue and changed to INCALL for xx:xx (where x= time of call).


Once the call ended / disconnects, the button will turn to yellow and will changed to WRAP UP CALL and the Disposition window will pop-up. Agent needs to select the proper disposition depending on how the call ended and then, click on the Submit button. System will then again start dialing leads.




1. SUMMARY: This will display the Agent stats including the Talk Time, Login/Logout and all calls for that time period.


2. CURRENT CALL: This is the default window when you first login to the Agent Interface. It will show you all the lead information from your current call.


3. CALLBACKS (NO): From this window, it will display all of your Personal callbacks whether it is scheduled for today's callback, pending or the past due ones.


4. SESSION HISTORY: It will display all of your last 50 calls from this window.


5. CRM: You can use this window if you want to search for a particular lead. Just select the parameter by clicking the drop down arrow from the Search field and input the corresponding data from the box in the far right and then, click on the Search button.

   Click this link if you want further instructions on how to use the Agent CRM.


NEW LEAD: being used when you want to make a manual call.


CALL LEAD: give you option to call the Home phone, cell phone, work phone number.


SAVE LEAD: it gives you option to add some information on the lead without calling them. Just Open a particular lead, type the information you want to add and then, click on the Save Lead button.


FINISH LEAD: it gives you option to add some information on the lead without calling them including changing the Disposition status. Just Open a particular lead, select a Disposition and then, click on the Submit button.


ADD NOTES: this button is useful if you want to add or update the comments from the leads that you already called before.


REASSIGN LEADS: it is being used if you want to assign a particular lead to your co-agent.


PRINT LEAD: Option if you want the lead information to be printed out. You need to setup you printer to your network for all of your agents to use this feature.

CLOSE LEAD: Once you click this button, it will navigate you away from the Current Call window closing the lead information and redirecting you to your Session History window.




1. Start Recording: used to Stop or Start the recording.

2. Transfer / Conference: used when transferring the lead to another number or Ingroup. Click HERE on how to use this.

3. Web Form: used this button to manually launch the Web Form URL configured in the Campaign.

4. Hot Keys Active / Inactive: used to turn Off or On the Hot Keys feature setup in the Campaign. Click HERE on How to use the agent hot keys.

5. DTMF Window: manually type in the key in this window for any IVR option and then, click on the DTMF >> button.

6. Hold: used this button if you want to put the customer on Hold.

7. Hangup: used this button to end up the call.

8. Auto Resume On / Off: If enabled, system will automatically dial another lead for the agent without pressing the Shift + R (resume calls).

9. Audio: this button is being used to test the microphone or the speaker on the headset. It will launch an Audio Wizard that will guide you to the test.

10. Mute Your Microphone: used this button to temporarily disable the audio output of the microphone on the headset.


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