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12.6. Custom Report Parameters

Custom Report Parameters

Once you login to the Reports, there is a lot of ways how to customize your report based on the different parameters and filters that you can select to satisfy your need.


  • Filter by Date Range
  • Filter by Hour Range
  • Filter by Campaign
  • Dynamic Success Status to customize results
  • Report by:
    • Total
    • Daily
    • Hourly
    • Results are downloadable to a CSV file
    • Results can be send to FTP or Email


Date Range A range of up to Quarter year can be chosen as long as the results for each campaign do not exceed 1,000,000.
(If results exceed 1,000,000 records an error will be displayed asking for the date range to be reduced. ****This is to protect the server from crashing when running reports).

Time Range The default is from 5AM to 9PM however it can be modified to pull results for a specific time

Time Zone - You can select from the drop down to set it on Pacific Time, Mountain Time, Central Time and Eastern Time.

Select From - Agent for users only and Server which will include calls handled by the system.

Success Status Select any statues they want to be specially counted for reporting purposes.
(It will count the unique number of times that status was selected per agent and then give a ratio of success over total contacts)

1. Results are broken down by Call Type and results

Call Types:
Outbound Total outbound calls the agent received
Inbound Total Inbound Calls the agent received
Manual Total Manual Calls the agent made

Personal Total Calls dispositioned as Personal Group Status
Recycle Total Calls dispositioned as Recycle Group Status
Trash Total Calls dispositioned as Trash Group Status
No Group Total calls dispositioned with status that is not in any groups
Call Backs - Unique count of leads that were dispositioned as a call back either Agent (Personal) or System

Unique Contacts: (NA - Not Available in the reports)
Counts a lead only once if it was dispositioned as a Personal or Trash status to be a contacted lead

Counts a lead only once if it was dispositioned as a Success Status

Agent Times:
Total the total time an agent was login excluding any pause time after there last call of the day
Talk, Wait, Pause, Wrap
Total Times for each given with a percentage break down

* Report Types

  • Full Details - a total break down for each campaigns selected.
  • Daily - once selected, it will provide a daily total break down for all the Campaigns selected.
  • Hourly - if selected, it will provide an hourly break down for all of the Campaigns selected.

2. You may run the reports or set additional Filters or Columns depending on the report requirements you need.

3. Report Results

  • If you need to export the result to a CSV file, simply put a check on the Export File before clicking the Run button and then, a Download button appears.

  • If you want to send the result Via FTP/Email. You must go to "Build Custom Reports" and set up the FTP credentials or email address.

  • Once you have completed the FTP or email address in the Build Reports section. You can now sent the results to FTP or email address by putting a check on the box Send via FTP/Email and then, click the Run button.

Click Here for the step by step procedures on How to Save Your Customized Report

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