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11.9. X-Lite Registration Error Code 408

There are several causes for Error Code 408. The most common cause is an incorrect domain address entered or the firewall settings in the topology are not correct.

1. Open up Xlite > Click the Menu button and choose SIP Account Settings


2. Choose Properties


3. Check the Domain to make sure the correct address is in the field


4. Check the following on the Topology tab:

  • Use local IP address is selected
  • Use specified server: is selected and the filed is blank
  • Enable ICE is not checked


5. If changes were made, be sure to click Apply and then OK at the bottom of the screen


If you still experience this problem and have verified that your settings are correct then it is likely that you have a firewall our router that is blocking ports or misdirecting packets. Please refer to firewall setup for additional help.

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