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5.24. How to use the Form Maker

NOTE: When making changes to your form you must Make sure all agents are logged out of Agent Interface.

For accounts with more than 15000 leads, changes to the form can only be made during off peak hours before 9AM or after 5PM PST.

Form Maker - it is where you set the field names and field types.  Set these as needed for your organization.  Multiple form types can be customized/created to match your lead list's particular set of information.

Step 1: Login to the URL http://admin.safesoftsolutions.com using your Admin credentials.
Step 2: Click on the Leads tab and Select Form Maker under Leads section


Step 3:  Choose the form to modify and click Edit or delete


Step 4: To create a new form type the name and click Add Form


Step 5: Change the name of the form by clicking on the Edit Form Name button or make it the default form by clicking on the Make Main Form button


Step 6: To create a new Group, enter the name and position and click Add Group


Step 7: To create a new Table, enter the name, choose which group, and click Add Table


Step 8: To create a new Field, enter the name, choose the table, choose the field type and click Add Field


NOTE: To change a field, click on the E Next to the field.


Adding a Dropdown Selection fields.

 Step 1: Click on the E Next to the field.


Step 2: Type the name of the selection in Option Name and click Add Option.


Step 3: Click on Save Changes and check if your selections are correct.

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