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3.7. How to configure Zoiper (PC and Mac)

Configuring Zoiper (PC and Mac)

Once you have downloaded and installed ZoIPer on your computer

 (PC - Download Link)

 (MacOS - Download Link)


Note: Although our systems can and are being used by clients using Apple based products; Apple operating systems are not currently supported by Safesoft Solutions Inc. Any and all troubleshooting steps for these operating systems are to be considered for informational purposes only.


Step 1: Click on Settings then go click on Preferences


Step 2: Click Create Account


Step 3: Select account type > Click Next

*If you are unsure what account type to select, please contact support


Step 4: User/User@host - This is your agent extension that you were provided

             Password - Format should be ClientID + 1234 (example: testclient1234)

             Domain/Outbound proxy - Please contact support to get this. the format is 208.78.138...

Once entered > Click Next


Step 5: This will display your account name > Click Next


Step 6: Wait until configuration finishes


Step 7: Click on Close


Step 8: Preferences Window should show that the SIP or IAX Account is Registered

You are now ready to log on to the Cloud Contact Center Agent Interface.

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