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8.1. How to Create a Personal Callback

How to Create a Personal Callback

Personal Callback: When a personal call back is selected this will allow the agent to schedule a call back for themselves. Its status is CBHOLD.

Step 1: Login to the Agent Interface via the URL http://agent.safesoftsolutions.com using your Agent credentials.

Step 2: Once you have completed a call with a lead and the call has terminated you will get the disposition window where you will select Call Back > and then Submit.


Step 3:  When the calendar appears select the Hour/Minute AM/PM > and select the Date of the callback

For a personal call back you must make sure that "System Callback" is not checked



Step 4: Click Submit


When the agent is on Ready status (System is dialing leads), the message will pop up once the trigger time reached with three options to choose.

Open the Lead - Open the lead on the screen for the agent to manually call
Reschedule -
Opens the calendar for the agent to select a NEW call back date
Snooze -
Allow the agent to have the message for callback come up again in 15 minutes


NOTE: Callback message only pop up if the Dial Type selected is on RATIO or PREDICTIVE. For PREVIEW mode, Allow Inbound Calls should be set to YES for this one to automatically pop-up.

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