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3.2. Checking for Quality of Service issues with WinMTR (Windows OS)


What is WinMTR

WinMTR is a free MS Windows visual application that combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping in a single network diagnostic tool. WinMTR is Open Source Software, maintained by Appnor MSP. It was started in 2000 by Vasile Laurentiu Stanimir  as a clone for the popular Matt's Traceroute (hence MTR) Linux/UNIX utility. Read more about WinMTR's history: http://winmtr.net/history/

WinMTR will allow you to see the internet route along which your VoIP and data packets are being sent to get to the SafeSoft Solutions data center. Using WinMTR you will be able to also check for packet loss and slow connection speeds to aid in troubleshooting your VoIP software.

How to download WinMTR

  • On the right side of this page, you can click to download either the 32 bit (WinMTR_x32.exe) or the 64 bit (WinMTR_x64.exe) version.
  • Save the file, and remember where you saved it.

How to use WinMTR

  1. Navigate to the download location where you saved the file
  2. Double click on the WinMTR_xXX,exe file to launch the program

  3. Enter the IP of our server (ping.safesoftsolutions.com) in the Host box. or you may enter the server IP address that the account is on (208.78.138.XX)

  4. Press the Options button to configure ping size, maximum hops and ping interval (the defaults are OK).
  5. Push the Start button and wait.

  6. Click Stop after about 300 seconds of testing (5 minutes).

What to look for:

  • Loss % - anything packet loss between your computer and SafeSoft's servers can degrade call quality.
    • Disregard 100% loss if there are other nodes listed after this.
  • Avrg - high average round trip time for packets can contribute to degraded VoIP quality.
  • Worst - high numbers in this field could result in dropped calls, updates arriving to the dialer forms.


To Copy or Export the data:

Copy or export the results in text or HTML format. Useful if you want to document or file a complaint with your ISP.



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