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1.3. I hear echo during calls (hearing my voice repeat)?

Echo is due to possible latency on your Internet connection causing delayed playback of your voice. It is not uncommon for echo to be present with traditional phone calling as well, but the latency is so slight the echo probably will go unnoticed.

Possible causes of echo are:

  • Latency or delay of packet delivery on the internet connection (run a packet loss test)
  • Poor quality or damaged headset used by the agent
  • or phone cables (possibly on the far end of the call)
  • Feedback between the phone's speaker and microphone (try turning down the mic volume)

If you are hearing significant echo on a call:

  • Check a few web sites you commonly view and see if they are performing slower than usual. If this is the case, it is probable that your ISP is experiencing a problem.
  • If anyone is sharing your Internet connection, or you are uploading/downloading files via the Internet, pause this activity and see if voice quality improves.
  • Try to call back the number and see if the echo persists.
  • Ask if the person you are talking with can use a different phone.

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