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2.4. How to Install Zoiper Embedded Phone for Chrome

Note: Recent Google Browsers updates will cause the embedded phone not to launch
Please visit the following FAQ on how to enable Chrome to fix this issue

Click here for instructions: https://support.safesoftsolutions.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=2051


Getting an error of "Click Here to Download Plugin" in the dial pad

When agent logs into the Agent Interface for the first time there is an error in the dial pad of Error! Click Here to Download plugin.

Note: For Windows 8 Operating system, make sure that the Chrome browser version are at least 38.0.2125.122m or higher.


Steps to install Zoiper embedded phone


Step 1. Click on the link ---> http://www.zoiper.com/downloads/InstallerWeb_Installer.exe to download the Zoiper plugin.

Step 2. The file will pop-up called "InstallerWeb_Installer.exe", click on "Save file."



Step 3. Click on Open/Run button.


Step 4. The installer will load and will immediately disappear.


Step 5. Go back to the Agent Interface and look at the upper right corner for the PUZZLE PIECE ICON WITH A RED X.


Step 6. Click on that icon and select "Always allow plug-ins on agent.safesoftsolutions.com"



If you see your Firewall Prompt, you need to select "Allow access"


Step 7. If you don't see the error anymore, plugin is properly installed.


 CLICK HERE for the step by step instructions on how to install Zoiper phone on Firefox browser.




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