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5.16. Adding and Dialing Leads with Multiple Contact Numbers

Adding and Dialing Leads with Multiple Contact Numbers

This feature lets you add 10 additional telephone numbers aside from the existing contact numbers (main number, work number and mobile number) of your lead thus increasing the chances to connect to them.

Note: You need to contact your Account Manager to activate this feature.


Step 1. Login to the URL http://admin.safesoftsolutions.com using your Admin credentials.

Step 2. Click on the Settings icon of the Campaign that you want to configure.

Step 3. Go to Section 6 – Dialing Alternate Numbers and set the Enable System Triggered Alternate Number Dialing to Yes.


Step 4. There will be additional section of Work + Extended, Work + Mobile + Extended and Extended from the drop down window of Set Which Alternate Numbers to Dial indicating that the Alternate Phone Number is already enabled on the account.

Click Here for the instructions on How do I Setup Alternative Number Dialing


Step 5. Click on the Save Changes button down at the bottom of the screen to apply the changes.


In uploading lead, you need to map the alternate phone numbers aside from their 3 main contact numbers.





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