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7.8. How to Determine the Phone Number Dialed


- Agents can determine what type of call was routed to them if it was an outbound call or an inbound call. In addition to that, it displays the phone number that the system dialed if it was the main number or the alternate number.


Outbound Call

- if an auto outbound call was routed to the agent, it will show as LIVE OUTBOUND CALL followed by the phone number that the system dialed. Noticed also that the text color is black for an outbound call.


Screenshot below shows another outbound call but this time, an alternate number was dialed by the system.


CLICK HERE if you want to learn How to Setup Alternative Number Dialing


Inbound Call

- if an inbound call was received by an agent, it will display as LIVE INBOUND CALL followed by the caller's phone number and the name of the Ingroup. Blue is the default color for the inbound call. This will show on both inbound DID and Local transfer scenario.


You can also personalize or change the color by clicking the pencil icon under the Settings of the In-group you want to change and then simply type the color name in the Group Color field.



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