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5.39. Email Notification via Vendor


- Once your Vendor sends a lead to your account, the system will send an email notification on the email address you set up that you received new lead from you vendor. The new lead will go to the empty list you created.


Step 1. Create an empty list where the new leads coming from your vendor will go through.

Click Here on How to Add New List.


Step 2. Configure an Email Template.

Click Here on How to Create an Email Template.


Step 3. Create a status (New Lead) that will trigger the email. Click Here on How to Create an Email Triggers.


On the Email Status Information you need to set:

Status: New Lead

Campaign: This is the name of the Campaign where the list is assigned to.

Send Type: Static

Static Email: This is the email address where you will be notified if ever your Vendor uploaded a New Lead.

Enabled: Enabled


Step 4. Create a Vendor (Lead vendor will be posting leads to the system).

Click Here on How to Configure Vendor for POST API.


Note: On Outbound Information you need to select the name of the Email Template that you created.




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