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5.41. FTP For All Lead Recordings

FTP For All Lead Recordings

Cloud Contact Center allows for lead recordings to be sent to a specific FTP server of your choice. These files then are pushed after hours for the days recordings. The file format that you will see each file use will be the following:

/clientid/Date/Lead id_Leads phone number_Date and time of call_Agents name-all.wav


  • Supported

FTP - (File Transfer Protocol) protocol has been around for quite some time.  It was first proposed in RFC 114 over 40 years ago and eventually evolved into RFC 959 which is the standard that FTP clients and servers follow today. 
FTPS - is an extension to the commonly used File Transfer Protocol that adds support for the Transport Layer Security and the Secure Sockets Layer cryptographic protocols or SSL

  • Not supported:

SFTP: is often confused with FTPS and vice-versa even though these protocols share nothing in common except their ability to securely transfer files.   SFTP is actually based on the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol which is best known for it's use in providing secure access to shell accounts on remote servers.

To get started using FTP for the pushing of your recorded file to your own FTP server

  • Contact support at 888-456-5454 to provide the credentials of your created FTP


Below are the following FTP Credentials we need

  • FTP IP Address or URL
  • FTP Port (Usually 21)
  • FTP Username
  • FTP Password
  • Email address for confirmation email to go to (Optional)


*Additional notes on FTP credentials

1. IP addresses are recommended, we can use web addresses as well but it should not contain forward slashes (Example: myftp.com/other)
2. Username cannot contain special forward slashes (Example: username/other)
3. The IP addresses that we will send recordings and call logs from are and and should be added to your white list accordingly

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