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10.1. How to Configure Voice Broadcast (With Cloud Contact Center Agents)


How to Configure Voice Broadcast (With Cloud Contact Center Agents)

- no remote agent required.

- agents should be login to the Campaign where the VB is setup.


***Once the lead is interested and pressed the corresponding key on their phone dial pad, they will be transferred to the available agent login to the Campaign.


To set this up you will need to contact your Account Manager to have this added to your account - Additional fees may apply - Please call 888-456-5454 


Step 1. Login to the URL http://admin.safesoftsolutions.com using your Admin credentials.

Step 2. Click on the tab Campaign and then, Show Campaigns.


Step 3. Select the Campaign where you want the Voice Broadcast to be setup by clicking the pencil icon under Settings.


Step 4. Go to Section 5 – Answering Machine Detection (AMD) and make sure that the Dialer Type is set to Dialer with Answering Machine Detection ON.


Step 5. Scroll down to Section 18 – Voice Broadcast and make sure that you already have a recording uploaded and Transfer options as well as Not Interested input already configured.

Recording id: this will indicate if you already have a recording uploaded to the Campaign which will serve as your broadcast message.

Transfer options: this is what your customer will press if ever they are interested and wants to be transferred to your available agents.

Not Interested Input: system will hang up if ever your lead pressed the configured number.


Step 6. Scroll down to Section 17 - Assign Users to Campaign. Click on the User that you want to take a call on this Campaign. Make sure it gets highlighted in blue and then, click on the Grant Access button.

*** Hold the ctrl key while clicking to select multiple users.


Step 7. Finally, click on Save Changes button down at the bottom of the page to apply the settings.


 Click HERE on How to Configure Voice Broadcast (With Remote Agent)


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