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4.32. How to Create Email Triggers


How to Create Email Triggers

Step 1. Click on the tab Account Settings and then, Email Templates.


Step 2. Select the Email Template that you want to setup by clicking the red folder icon under the Settings.

Click Here for the step by step procedures on How to Create an Email Template.


Step 3. Click the Add button to setup the email trigger.


Step 4. Configure the Email Statuses Information according to your email trigger.


STATUS – select the desired status from the drop down that will trigger the email.

CAMPAIGN – select the Campaign where you want the email trigger to be applied.


  • Static – email will be sent to a specific email address and it needs to be configured in the Static Email field.
  • Dynamic – email will be sent to the email address that is present in the Email Address Form Field. This needs to be selected from the Dynamic Field box.


  • Static - sends the email to a specific signature that is created by selecting it from the drop down arrow in the Static Signature.
  • Dynamic - sends the email dynamically from the agent that talked to the lead and dispositioned the call.

Click Here for the step by step procedures on How to Create an Email Signature.

ENABLED – this is where you turn On or Off the email trigger.


CC and BCC - You are allowed up to 10 CC and 10 BCC email addresses to be notified of an email template that has been sent out to a lead or that has been triggered.


POST LINKS - This section allow you to send an itemized email of the leads information to a selected email (You have up to 10 post links).


Step 5. Click on the Save Changes button to apply the settings.



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