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1.1. Getting Started With The Cloud Contact Center


Getting Started With The Cloud Contact Center

These are the 5 basic steps to start running your Campaign.

Step 1. Create a Campaign.

Link: How to Create a New Campaign


Step 2. Create Form fields. There is already a default form configured for your account. You can either use it or create a new one.

Link: How to Use the Form Maker


Step 3. Upload the Leads. This is your list of customers that the system will dial if ever your agents will login to the Campaign assigned to them.

Link: How to Upload a Leads List


Step 4. Assign users to the Campaign. By default, a newly created Campaign has no users yet assign to it.

Link: How to Assign Users to a Campaign


Step 5. Start Dialing. You can check the FAQ on how your agent will start using the Cloud Contact Center Agent.

Link: How to Start Using the Cloud Contact Center Agent



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