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5.36. How To Configure Vendor for POST API

How To Configure Vendor for POST API


Step 1. Log in to the URL: http://admin.safesoftsolutions.com using your Admin credentials.

Step 2. Click on the Leads and then, Vendors.

Step 3. Click on the Add button.

Step 4. Fill up the following fields stated below which will be use in setting it up.

  • Name- Enter the name of the Vendor
  • Code- Enter a unique key to define the vendor.
  • RefCode- Enter a unique identifying name for a created vendor
  • RefField- Suggested to create a field in formaker for this selection
  • ListID- List that the leads will be put in
  • Phone Code- Default is US calling code of "1", can be set to international calling if needed
  • Hopper Priority (Leads Hopper List) - This setting will allow you to set priority level (0 to 99) on the leads inserted by your vendor. If you want the leads coming from your vendor to be dialed right away, make sure that this value is higher compared to the value set on the List Hopper Priority found on your List settings
  • Dynamic Mapping -uses the fields or keys that the vendor uses to allow automatic mapping to the fields or keys that Safesofsolutions provide.
    • No - Uses the Default setting for keys and field names for Safesoftsolutions.
    • Yes - Uses the keys and field names that the vendor provides to allow to map to the field names we provide
  • Check Duplication

Step 4. Click on Vendors and then, you should be able to see there the Vendor name you just created. In this example, it was named as Test Vendor. Take note of the Vendor ID for you will need this one later.

Step 5. After creating the Vendor, a trigger must be created on the Campaign. Go to Campaigns and then, Show Campaigns. Click on the pencil icon Settings of the Campaign you would like to use the Vendor.

Step 6. Scroll down to Status Webform Actions under Section 11 Status Configuration. You can configure it via Specific dispositon or All disposition.

Type the Vendor URL as follows:


NOTE:[VENDORIDNUMBER] is the unique number that is generated for any Vendor you create under the Vendor ID. In this example, it should be type like this:


Step 7. After that, scroll down and then, click on Save Changes to apply the settings.

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