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7.2. How to Start Using the Cloud Contact Center Agent Interface


How to Start Using the Cloud Contact Center Agent Interface


Step 1. Open your web browser (either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and then on the address bar, type http://agent.safesoftsolutions.com.


Step 2. Enter your login credentials in the fields provided and then, click on the LOGIN button.


Step 3. Select the Campaign where you want to take a call and then, click on the SUBMIT button.


Step 4. Once the gray pop-up window appears, click on the Reconnect button. You should hear a recording mentioning that "You are currently the only person in the conference."


Note: If in any case you are getting an error "Click here to download plugin" on the dial pad on the right side. Click this link on how to resolve the error, Install Embedded Zoiper Phone.



Step 5. Below will describe the basic functions of the Agent Control button and how it works.

A. To go to Ready Status and start taking calls, click on the START DIALER button.

 B. You will notice that the button changed to STOP DIALER. On this stage, the system is now dialing leads. To stop taking calls and go to Pause status, click on the red button STOP DIALER.

C. Once the agent received a call, the button will turn to blue and changed to INCALL for xx:xx (where x= time of call).

D. Once the call ended / disconnects, the button will turn to yellow and will changed to WRAP UP CALL and the Disposition window will pop-up. Agent needs to select the proper disposition depending on how the call ended and then, click on the Submit button.

System will then again start dialing leads going back to Step B.



                           Click this link to know more about the function of these buttons.


Step 6. Once you are done with your shift, click the logout button on the top right corner to properly LOGOUT from the Agent Interface.

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