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4.25. Status Definitions

On this FAQ you will find the definitions about Statuses that are used by the Dialer.



System Statuses

status status_name Description
A Answering Machine Calls that are automatically filtered by the dialer as Answering Machine
AA Answering Machine Auto Set by the system when the AMD detection detects the call being an answering machine. Only applies if AMD version2 is selected on Dialer Type.
AM Answering Machine Sent to Mesg Call was detected as an answering machine and was sent to a voicemail message
AL Answering Machine Msg Played

Calls transferred to a voicemail message

B Busy Line Calls that are automatically filtered by the dialer as Busy
CG Congestion Numbers that are invalid or Not in service
CGT Congestion Temporary Number cannot be reached. Please call Support
NEW New Lead Initial Status of all Leads
DNCL DO NOT CALL Hopper Match  The Hopper finds this number on the DNC List
DNCW DO NOT CALL Wireless Number During the list upload the Lead has been filtered out as a wireless number
QDNC Queue DO NOT CALL It is a system status that marks leads that select from an IVR to be put on a DNC list called QDNC.
DNCC DO NOT CALL Campaign Match The Hopper finds this number on the DNC List for the campaign
DC Disconnected  The number being called has already been disconnected
DUP Duplicate During the list upload the lead has been filtered out as a duplicate
DROP Agent Not Available A call was connected by the dialer but no agent was available so the call was dropped
CBHOLD Call Back On Hold Disposition of a Lead while waiting for the callback schedule to be triggered
XDROP Agent Not Available  Call transferred to an Ingroup but no agent is available after the Hangup time
NA No Answer AutoDial  Lead did not answer the call
XFER Call Transferred Call was transferred successfully
PDROP Outbound Pre-Routing Drop Calls that are dropped immediately after the call is answered by the lead

Agent Statuses

CALLBK Call Back Disposition used by Agents to schedule a callback
DNC DO NOT CALL Disposition used by Agents to add a number to the Global DNC List
BAD Bad Number Disposition used by agents for bad numbers
EMAIL Email sent An emal is sent to the lead
FU Follow up A follow up is made to the lead
INST Interested Lead is interested
RQI Requested Info Lead needs more information
SALE Sale Call ends in a Sale
BIL Bilingual Customer speaks a different language
DAYC Day call Customer only wants to be called during the day
HU Hung Up Caller Hung up
NOTA Not Available Lead is not available
UP  Updated Lead information was updated
BC Blocked Call Call is not permitted
FAX Fax  Call goes to a FAX tone
NI Not Interested Lead is not Interested
WRONUM Wrong Number Lead called is a wrong number

Temporary Statuses

INCALL Lead Being Called Temporary disposition while Lead is being called
INBND Inbound Call Temporary disposition while Lead is on the inbound queue
QUEUE Lead To Be Called  Lead is to be called
PU Call Picked Up When a call is picked up by the lead
CALL DONE Call Finished After a call is finished



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