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9.1. How To Setup IVR

How To Setup a Basic IVR

This is where IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is set-up and configured. IVR actions and options are set that allow callers to choose a department, sub-menu, or other service feature such as transfer to an external line or voicemail. Your recording will identify the available options, and then those options are set and matched here.

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Note:  Making changes or editing any of the configurations of the IVR will take up to 5 minutes to become available for use

When choosing to use an IVR you will need to setup and configure the following sections to allow the newly created IVR to function correctly.

STEP 1. Create an In-Group.


STEP 2. Set up your IVR.

  • Select Inbound
  • Select IVR under Inbound features


  • Click Add and then, create the first part of the IVR that will be your entry point for your callers
  1. Name your IVR
  2. Upload audio file that will be used for the IVR menu 

Note: Sound File must be WAV or MP3 format. The recommended file size is 5Mb due to browser limitations during the upload.

This may take up to 5 minutes for your file to register with the system

Setting up the options for the IVR

Default Timeout Key = t will allow the specified option to be selected when the IVR menu has been waiting for user input (This is used if you would like to loop back to the same IVR to play the message over again)
Option Invalid Key = i will allow you to specify a selection when the caller selects a key that is not one of the options

  • Select Add in options box
  • In the new option field select the key that the caller will use to access that option
  • Now select the action of the key selected to the right
    • IVR - This option will allow you to send the caller to another IVR that is set up
    • In-Group - Allows you to send the caller to a specified In-group that has been created
    • Extension - Allows you to send the caller to a specified agents extension
    • Voicemail - Allows you to send the caller to a specified voicemail
    • Hangup - Allows the caller to have the option to hangup the call to get out of the IVR
  • Click Add Invalid (Optional)
  • Repeat the process above to add more IVR menu options as you need
  • DNC selection - Allow for callers to place themselves on a Do Not Call listRefer on this link to know about setting up Inbound group for DNC "How to set an Inbound DNC"

Example: Basic IVR Setup

STEP 3. Set up your DID

  • Select Inbound
  • Select DID


  • Select the inbound number that you would like to set up for IVR > Select its settings
  • Make sure that the Route is set to IVR
  • From the drop down for IVR, select the IVR Menu that you have created

  • Select the call method that you would prefer when a call is entered into the ingroup that you are modifying
    • CID: will add a new lead record with every call using the CallerID as the phone number and stored in the list specified below.
    • CIDLOOKUP: will attempt to lookup the phone number by the CallerID in the entire system. If no lead was found, one will be created in the list specified below. (Select the List that a new lead will be added to when not found in the system)
    • CIDLOOKUPRL: will attempt to lookup the phone number by the CallerID in only one specified list below.
    • CIDLOOKUPRC: will attempt to lookup the phone number by the CallerID in all of the lists that belong to the specified campaign selected below.
  • Click Save Changes

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