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6.2. Working with Scripts

Working with Scripts


Click here to view the steps to Create a script

Click here to view the steps to Create/Modify a Formula


Go to the admin portal

Click on the Scripts tab:


The following options are available:

  • Preview the script - opens the script in a popup window as it would appear to the agent(s)
  • Edit the script - opens the modify script page
  • Add subpages to the script - creates a new script which is a subpage to the parent script
  • View subpages of the script - Shows all subpages and shows a map of the pages and how they are linked


Modifying the script:

Updating the Script information:

  • Script Name:This is the name of your script. This should describe the purpose of this script. (Example: New Sales Script).


  • Webform URL:This is the URL where the data will be posted to (using POST request).

      For example: The URL that you have entered is http://www.safesoftsolutions.com. All the data that you have on the script will be posted to http://www.safesoftsolutions.com.


  • Weform Force - this is where you can force the data to be posted on the URL or not.

      If Webform Force is set to YES - the data on the script will be automatically posted to the URL after clicking save.

      If Webform Force is set to NO - there will be a button "Webform Push" on the script and you need to click the button if you want the data to be posted on the URL.

     Example of Webform Push button:

   Note: Click save first before clicking the Webform Push button.


  • Webform Hide button - this where you can hide the "Webform Push" button on the agent side.

     If Webform Hide button is set to YES - the Webform Push button on the agent side will be hidden.

     If Webform Hide button is set to NO - the Webform Push button on the agent side will be available.


  • Active - This will make the script Active or Inactive.


Updating the Script Content:
  • Insert Read Only Field: - Choose the field you would like to insert into the script body.
  • Insert Capture Field: - Choose the field to be added as an editable field.
  • Insert Formula Field: - Choose the formula to be added to the script. Click the link to know How to Add Formula Fields on Script.
  • Insert Script Page Link (button) - Choose which page will have a button to go to that page.
  • The text box is where the editing of the script takes place. Text is typed into the field and Fields as chosen will be added to the script where the cursor is currently located.

Adding Subscripts:

A subscript is created by clicking on the Add Page button


A subscript is configured the same way a parent script is configured.


After Creating Subscripts, you can now add links to the Parent Script


You can also add subscript link to another subscript


Show Available Subscripts:

Shows all the scripts under a parent script.

The following options are available from this screen

    • Preview Script
    • Edit Script
    • Copy Script
Shows a map with all the page connections.


Editing Subscripts:

Editing Subscripts is accomplished the same way as with the parent script.

From the Preview page of a script, there are two options:

  • Edit - opens the edit script page
  • Back to list - Returns to the list of available scripts and map
Save ChangesPreview, and Cancel buttons are available at the bottom of each script page.
Linking New Script to Existing Scripts
When you create another Script, Insert Script Page Link (button) Field is present.
You can now add a Script Link button from this Script going to the Script chosen.
After you saved the changes, the field won't be there anymore. It will appear again when you created subscripts



***Note  The agents will have to log out and back into the dialer to see any changes to the scripts

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