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6.1. How to Create a Script

Creating a Script


A Script is used to give an agent a manuscript to read when talking to a lead. It is uploaded to the admin console and will pop up on the agent's dialer when a lead is being called.


When a script is needed for the agents, the following steps are used to create a new script:


Click here to view the steps to Modify a Script

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Step 1. Login to the URL http://admin.safesoftsolutions.com using your Admin credentials.

Step 2. Click on the Scripts tab.


Step 3. To create a new script, click on Add New Script.


Step 4.  Fill in the Script Information Section

  • Script Name (This is the name of your script. This should describe the purpose of this script. (Example: New Sales Script))
  • WebForm URL (This is the url data will be posted to (using POST request))
  • WebForm Force: Yes/No
  • WebForm Hide button: Yes/No
  • Active: Yes/No
Step 5. Add your Script Content.
The following types dynamic information can be used in your script along with the text of the script:
  • Insert Read Only Field - This inserts information into the Agent script as it appears on the lead information page
  • Insert Capture Field - This inserts a text box which the Agent can edit. Once saved, the Lead information page will be updated with the new information
  • Insert Formula Field - This will insert a formula which has been created from the Formula Fields
  • Insert Script page Link (button) - This will insert a button to another page of the script
    • note: this field will NOT appear if you don't have an existing script or you haven't created subscripts yet
    • see Working With Scripts
Step 6. Click the Create Script button to save the script.


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